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  • Departing by 7 am from ZAGREB
  • Driving through Austria(A10, A12) and Germany (A8).
  • Arrival in WATENS, INNSBRUCK.
  • A tour of Swarovski crystals world (to get there no later than 15.00 for tickets).
  • After sightseeing, you can purchase and walk around the beautifully decorated showroom. Going to the hotel in the center of INNSBRUCK
  • Dinner and walk through the center of INNSBRUCK.
  • Early breakfast
  • Going to the German border through Fern Pass (1212m, Roman Claudia Augusta) with a view to the highest peak in Germany, the Zugspitze.
    We recommend a short break with a magnificent view of the Alps.
  • Driving on the Alpine road to HOHENSCHWANGAU in Germany.
  • From there a bus-ride or a walk to the fairytale castle of NEUSCHWANSTEIN (the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty). Sightseeing and walking.
  • Lunch in the village below the castle and leaving for OBERMMERGAU, a place with painted facades and woodcarver, one of the most beautiful in Bavaria.
  • Accommodation at the hotel.
  • Walk through the small picturesque town, going for a pint of German beer and Bavarian sausages in one of the many pubs along the main street.
  • Dinner and overnight
  • After breakfast leaving for nearby Etal (5 km), the Benedictine Abbey from 1330. (Founded by Ludwig the Bavarian), visiting the church and tasting beer in monastery
  • Ride to the castle Linderhof with a beautiful park, pavilions brewery and Venus grotto where Ludwig listened to Wagner's music.
  • A short coffee break and a ride over Bad Tolz to BERCHTESGADENB.
  • Accommodation in a guest house near the town.
  • Driving on a boat (the last departure at 16.45) to Königseeu to the church of St. Bartholomew. Stroll along the lake with views of the high peaks of the Alps, and return home by boat
  • Dinner at the pension
  • After breakfast we are going to EAGLE'S NEST, the house on top of Kehlstein, a gift that Hitler got for his 50th birthday by Martin Bormann (1939). It can be reached by bus, and by the elevator through the tunnel to the top (1834 m).
  • On the return visit to Obersalzberg Documentation Center (Nazism theme) and intact Nazi bunkers.
    Those reluctant to soar the eagle's height, can visit the depth of Salzbergwerk (salt mine) or the Alte Saline, the saltern from the time of Ludwig I.
  • After a refreshing drink in the pub in the center of BERCHTESGADEN, we will continue to ZAGREB
  • Lunch/dinner on the highway

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