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If you wish to enjoy peace, harmony, simplicity and unspoiled nature, the Maldives are the ideal place for you, a tropical country in the Indian Ocean consisting of 1,200 islands grouped into 26 atolls with an average altitude of 1.8 metres.
The Maldives are famous for their coral gardens, blue lagoons, tall coconut trees, white sandy beaches - exotic elements that create an enchanting atmosphere.
This guarantees you a relaxing environment. There are also numerous recreational sports such as diving, sailing, volleyball, cycling, tennis, etc.
Cruise ships, panoramic hydroplane flights, swimming with dolphins and seeing blue whales are an indispensable part of the adventure.
In the Maldives, everything is suited to people who crave a real vacation.

  • Area: 298 km2
  • Population: 397,000
  • Capital: Male 85,000
  • Languages: Divehi (official), English
  • Time zone: UTC +5
  • Currency: Maldives Rufiyaa; 1 MVR = 0.6 Euros

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