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Discover the wonders of Egypt, the cradle of civilization where the ancient past meets the modern present. Giza, from where the mysterious and enigmatic sphinx has observed us for thousands of years in front of one of the world's greatest wonders: the Pyramids. The numerous temples, Thebes, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings.
The powerful Nile,a simultaneously peaceful and formidable river, the largest oasis in the world, which has marked the course of civilization. The Suez Canal, a modern and successful maritime connection between east and west, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, which is bordered by sandy beaches and conceals beneath its surface the riches of coral reefs and the wonders of the underwater world.

  • Area: 1,001,450 km2
  • Population: 81,731,000
  • Capital: Cairo; 7,800,000/17,800,000 including surroundings
  • Language: Arabic (official), English, French
  • All times are UTC + 2; UTC + 3 in summer
  • Currency: 1 Egyptian pound = 0.15 euros

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