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The tour operator SUNČANA VURA d.o.o. guarantees arrangements as described in the published program. The organizer will carry out the content of the programme in full and as described above, except in the case of force majeure events, which include circumstances beyond the control of the Agency, including but not limited to: war, the threat of war, political crisis, civil unrest or strife, terrorist activity, strikes or industrial action, sanitary problems, natural disaster, fire and technical problems due to the closure of airports or other transport problems making it impossible or unreasonable to travel.


All rates are quoted in Croatian kuna (HRK) per person, include taxes and VAT, and are valid from the program publication date. Service prices in other currencies are calculated according to the exchange rate of Zagrebačka Bank on the day of payment, plus a 2% bank fee. Currency-based offers are subject to change in line with existing exchange rates. The agency does not require customer approval for increases in package prices up to 10%. In the event of an increase higher than 10%, the customer has the right to terminate the contract without any liability. Bookings and payments are considered valid under the following conditions:

  1. A 30% deposit is paid at the time of booking and the remaining 70% is due 15 days before departure.
  2. For reservations made upon request, a 30% deposit of the total price is required and on the day of confirmation of the reservation by the Agency the payment will be proceeded with in accordance with the terms in point 1 above.

Cancellation of confirmed booking on request shall be considered cancellation of travel on the passenger's side and general terms and conditions will apply.
In case of language courses and camps terms and conditions of schools with which Suncana Vura has an agreement will prevail.


The organizer reserves the right to fully or partially cancel the contract in the event of circumstances beyond their control that cannot be foreseen, eliminated or avoided, and that represent a valid reason for the cancellation of the program or alteration to the original reservation. The organizer reserves the right to cancel your reservation should there be an insufficient number of participants for a particular type of transport:

  • aircraft rental (charter): 80% coverage
  • bus transportation: at least 35 passengers
  • IT arrangements (flights on regular routes): at least 10 passengers.

In such an event, the organizer will inform passengers no later then 5 days prior to travel, in which case the organizer will assume no liability for damages but will refund all the monies paid by passengers.
The organizer does not bear the cost of visas, vaccinations or similar services required for each program.


There will be an extra charge of HRK 150 for each confirmed booking change, if such a change is still possible. Any change in departure date is not considered a change to a reservation, but a travel cancellation, and Travel Cancellation terms concerning liability for damages will apply.


Passengers are entitled to cancel arrangements in writing at the point of sale (where the trip was booked). Cancellation charges will apply depending on the date of the written cancellation:

  • for cancellations made up to 45 days prior to departure, the organizer reserves 10% of the price;
  • for cancellation from 44 to and including 35 days prior to departure, the organizer will retain 50% of the price;
  • for cancellation from 34 to and including 1 day prior to departure, the organizer reserves 80% of the price.

If the passenger does not arrive or cancels the trip on the day of departure or at the time of its inception, the organizer has the right to retain the entire amount of the price, which may be increased by the amount of actual costs.


If a passenger considers there may be unforeseen circumstances (to himself/herself or immediate family members), we strongly recommend travel cancellation insurance. Travel cancellation insurance must be taken out at the time of signing the arrangement contract. After signing the contract, taking out cancellation insurance will not be possible.

Cancellation insurance is valid only in the following cases, and the cancellation must be submitted in writing: illness, death in the immediate family, military obligations. In the case of cancellation, SUNČANA VURA reserves the right to retain an administrative costs fee of 10% of the total price. If a passenger cancels a trip or terminates the contract due to force majeure and has not taken out cancellation insurance, Suncana Vura has the right to charge all costs incurred and refund the difference.


If accident insurance is not included in the price, we recommend passengers take out such insurance with Allianz Insurance d.d.


The organizer is responsible for carrying out services, the choice of partner-service providers, and taking care of passengers' rights and interests in accordance with tourism practices. The organizer assumes no liability for any alteration to or realization of the programme resulting from force majeure or due to transportation delays, in accordance with applicable legislation and international conventions.


It is the passenger’s responsibility to carry documents and belongings in accordance with the border, customs, health and other regulations in their own country and the destination country as well as transit countries. Passengers are required to obtain information about current regulations relating to visas, currency, customs and health regulations (vaccinations).

Passengers must obey house rules in restaurants and hotel facilities (in most medium and high category hotels, there is a dress code, such as long trousers in restaurants). They are required to cooperate with Agency representatives. In the case of non-compliance with these obligations, the customer will be held responsible for damages to the organizer. The organizer disclaims any liability for damages caused by the passenger. It is the passenger's responsibility to provide the correct data (the name must be identical to that in your passport) upon which the organizer will make a reservation and at least 2 days before departure inform passengers of the exact departure time and other necessary travel information.


Passengers will be informed at the latest 2 days before departure of departure details: plane departure time or journey departure time. In case a passenger has not received notification of departure details 1 day before departure, it is their responsibility to contact the agency in which they paid for the journey.


According to the regulations of the World Health Organization, before departure to certain countries, travelers are required to be vaccinated and to obtain any necessary documents. Passengers are required to obtain information on vaccination requirements for each destination. Vaccination is required even when such a regulation occurs after the conclusion of the contract for a journey and may not be reason for the termination of the contract unless such vaccination is contrary to the passenger's health, in which case the traveler must submit a medical certificate. The passenger has the right to healthcare and services at home and abroad, to the extent and in the manner prescribed by the medical institution and must be familiar with them before the journey. We recommend additional health and accident insurance.


The organizers are not obliged to provide more information to the traveler in the office than that specified in the travel program. This applies to the information and hotel brochures a passenger obtains at the hotel or apartment. Only data from the catalogue and the data listed in the contract/registration form signed directly by Suncana Vura and the passenger are valid.


If services are incomplete or unsatisfactory, the passenger may claim compensation by filling out a written complaint. Each passenger, the contractor, has the right to complain about non-contracted services. The organizer will not accept group complaints: one submitted by several insurance providers on the basis of one complaint.

Complaints procedure:

  • passengers must complain about an inadequate service on site to agency representatives in person at the service providers. Passengers are required to cooperate with representatives in good faith to solve the problem. If the passenger does not accept on-site the proposed solution corresponding to the service, the organizer will not accept any subsequent complaint or respond to it;
  • if the cause of the complaint is not removed, the passenger and representative will prepare written confirmation;
  • passengers must submit a written complaint at least 8 days after returning from the journey at the agency where the package was paid for, along with a written certificate signed by the representatives and any receipts for additional costs; the organizer will accept only properly completed complaints received within the specified period of 8 days;
  • the organizer is obliged to reply to the complaint in writing within 8 days upon receipt of the complaint.

The organizer may postpone the complaint decision deadline in order to collect information and verify the complaint with the service provider.

While the agency is resolving the issue, the customer must refrain from mediation of any third party or informing the media.

The organizer will take into consideration only those complaints that could not be solved on the spot.

The maximum compensation per complaint may be the amount of the service, but may not include services already provided or the entire sum. This fee excludes ideal damages.


With regard to the general conditions above, the customer has the right to complain to the program organizers. If the customer is not satisfied with the organizers' decision, they have the right to judicial arbitration. In such cases, the competent court is that in the place of the headquarters of the relevant organizer.


  • change of date of travel after the purchase are not permitted
  • refund in case of cancellation of the trip is not allowed
  • Sunčana vura not assume the costs in case of no visa

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