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Year of Foundation/Head Office

SUNCANA VURA, specialized travel agency for selling air tickets.
Founded in 2000, owner ELICA RAJLIĆ.


We specialize in selling all kinds of air tickets, including seamen tickets, cruises, organizing foreign language courses abroad, sport camps, hotel reservations and rent-a-car services.


SUNCANA VURA maintains high quality services through the continuous attention of its employees to the individual needs of each client and the business needs of its partners. We are the main service provider of the world's leading cruise companies (Carnival CL, Disney CL, Apollo Ship Chandlers).

Business Partners

SUNCANA VURA has business contacts with selected tour operators, airlines and travel agencies in the United States, Europe, Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Business Network

SUNCANA VURA d.o.o. is headquartered in Croatia and has a well-developed network of business partners in Europe and the USA.

The office and sales department manager: Elica Rajlic.
Ticketing managers: Danijela Misir, Andreja Bicak, Sanja Pangracije, Ivana Selendic and Darko Kovac.
Tourism department manager:Nikola Prpi.
Foreign language department manager: Alida Bolaric.


To become one of the largest tourist package providers in Europe and maintain a high business quality.

Suncana vura d.o.o. for business services and tourism, Kozarska 2, 10000 ZAGREB, CROATIA • tel: +385 1 481 36 35 ; 481 36 36 • mail: