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Participate in the revolt of Labin’s miners at the beginning of the 20th century and experience a day at the most dangerous job in the world 150 metres under the ground, under 20 million tons of stone at 15 degrees Celsius at the Raša mines in Labin and Lamparna. Lower yourselves through the mine shaft, experience the awful working conditions in the former mines in Labin and Raša and become a participant in the miner’s republic during which the miners took over the mine, organised their own self-government and police (red patrols), organised production and demanded improvements in the position and rights of workers until the uprising was violently crushed by the Italian fascist army. According to legend a group of miners escaped through one of the mine shafts and disappeared forever. This adrenaline-fi lled experience leads you through the exciting story of human pride and strength in frightening conditions. After you come up from the dark of the underground, share a traditional miner’s meal with the miners themselves.

Take a walk through the year 1921, 150 meters below ground, under 20 million tons of stone, where there were no sunlight, sky and perception of time, there was only the darkness... and REVOLUTION! This difficult and touching story about the human strength and pride will reveal the life of miners in one day, from their job to their meals, and taste real miners lunch


ISTRIA - fascinating landscapes, medieval towns which surge in the foggy mornings as if by magic, views on the dormant valleys, intertwined with white footpaths, tales, fables, legends, a rich history and irresistalbe delicacies are all a guarantee of intense pleasure for all senses.
Push the door and enter...
Four days of Istria will stimulate all your senses. Choose a package and activities by your own preferences and create your unique holiday.
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Location: Labin

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