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The sea and fish are synonyms for the Mediterranean way of life. We can say that fishing exists from times immemorial. The earliest records show that man and fish formed part of a life cycle together. Ever since the biblical times, fishing tells us many stories about life itself. Nowadays, the experience of true fishing in the old-fashioned way will make you aware of this gift that nature gives us. Early, at dawn, we depart with the fishermen, helping them to prepare their nets, baits and perform other necessary tasks. At the same time you will hear stories about the hard labour, how the sea, the salt and the wind eat into their skin, but also leave an indelible trace of satisfaction after a good catch. Fishing with nets, traw-line (parangal), angling, and diving are all ways in which you can experience this activity. One thing is certain - you will experience the return to nature, the experience of giving thanks to food and a genuine sense of satisfaction that stem from nature and the sea.


Archaeological findings are showing us that TROGIR is one of the oldest cities on the Mediterranean, whose history dates back 2000 years BC. Often called the city of museums, because every stone and every building has its own value for a certain period of history. Since 1997. center of Trogir is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. from 407 €

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