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A patch of land dedicated to the protection of the precious rare animal species. The sanctuaries care of the animals which are on the verge of extinction, and where the sick animals get necessary treatmet in order to mainain their survival in today's world. These places teach us to be thankful and strenghten our feeling about the importance and value of nature.


CRES - Institut Caput Insuale

Cres – Institue Caput Insulae has been taking care of the griffon vulture for a long time, alongside with the scientific research of other birds of the whole area in the sanctuaries Kruna and Pokladi. The griffon vulture is one of the four different species of vultures that live in Europe. In 1995 the first educational eco-footpath was opened in order to offer a better understanding of the varied heritage of Tramuntana (the northern part of the Island of Cres). Educational eco-footpath Tramuntana I is 12 km long (3-4 hours of leisurely walk). It has ten main (eco-centre, exhibition, church, Illyrian fort, oak and chestnut woods) and ten intermediate stops which mark the most precious natural, cultural and historical localities which can be encountered along the way - 2h. 9 €


This national park presents yet another jewel of untouched nature, beautiful countryside and varied geological sites. In 1999 it received the status of the protected area. Velebit is characterized by its primordial wilderness, the home of mother nature, a place where we show her respect as without her we don’t exist. The air we breathe is absorbed at once and fills us with a special strength and energy which unites us with our own selves. Northern Velebit National Park contains strictly protected nature reserve locations: Hajducki and Rozanski kukovi, Lukina jama – one of the deepest caves in the world (discovered in 1999), botanical reserve Visibaba with the endemic plant Croatian sibiraea, Borov vrh forest reserve, Zavizan- Balinovac – Velika kosa botanical reserve, and the well known Velebit botanical garden.

KUTAREVO - Velebit bear sanctuary:
It is the only one of its kind in the world. A sanctuary where they care for young bears who became orphans. Their mothers very often get killed by the poachers or on road accidents. The orphaned bears are not capable to survive at such a young age as they don’t have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills necessary for solitary life. After they have been taken to the sanctuary, they are not returned back to their natural habitat. With the visit to this eco-sanctuary you directly contribute to the bear cubs, and in that way you at least give something back to nature. 2,5 €


Tramuntana – forest in the northern part of the island Cres which contributes to the uniqueness of the natural heritage. This part of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic is incomparable in its combination of the Mediterranean and continental plants; tall oaks, hornbeams and chestnuts. The oldest specimen of the Downey Oak, which can be found when entering the village of Sv Petar, was given a protected natural heritage title. from 276 €

Locations: Cres, Kutarevo

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