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Rafting means going down the river currents in a rubber boat. This is an exciting, adrenaline and adventurous activity. There is a special experience which stems from the feeling that we are left to the mercy of the current, which is out of control, and we follow and adapt to it so we can experience the union with nature. Before going into the boat you are given instructions about the equipment, behaviour in the boat and the way of paddling. Depending on the location, this activity is divided in terms of speed and complexity into several levels, from class 1 to class 6. Rafting in big boats, where there is room for 10 people is appropriate only during high water levels, while low water level periods make ideal conditions for smaller canoe or kayak boats that can carry 2-3 people and whose form allows passing through sections which have just enough water for a real kayaking experience. The ideal time for this activity is the springtime and early summer.


CRES - sea kayaking

Rowing in the kayak boat is a special experience. It gives us the opportunity to get to know the island from the sea, by visiting the hidden lagoons, caves and beaches and thus getting to know the secrets of this mystical island.

We suggest the following exciting tours:

Route 1
An easy rowing activity with an expert local guide will lead you to hidden coves of the island of Cres. Then follows the discovery of the turquoise underwater wonders by snorkelling. The look at the underwater world and meeting its small inhabitants is a special experience - 5 hours.

Price includes: kayak boat, equipment, a waterproof bag for personal belongings, mask and snorkel, professional guide. 30 € Route 2
CRES - BARBARINA DRAGA - CRES - provides yet another exciting route that leads us from the town of Cres to Barbarina Draga where we get to know all the beauties of the seashore. We stop on interesting sites where you can snorkel and get to observe small crabs, shellfish, and fish - 5 hours.

Price includes: kayak boat, equipment, waterproof bag for personal belongings, snorkel and mask, professional guide. 30 € Route 3
CRES - SV. BLAŽ -CRES - one hour of easy rowing will get you to one of the most beautiful bays of Cres, Sv. Blaz. We will stop along the way at several smaller, but not less beautiful beaches and take a dive into the underwater world of the island. Required equipment: sunblock, a hat, minimum 1.5 l of water, appropriate footwear - 9 hours.

Price includes: meal, kayak, equipment, waterproof bag for personal belongings, mask and snorkel, professional guide. 40 € Route 4
CRES - VALUN - CRES - an exciting one day trip. Departure from the town of Cres, easy rowing takes you to the turquoise bays and beaches. One stop is in Valun, a village situated in a quiet, deep bay. Fishing nets, angles and old fishermen who fish in the old traditional way form part of this romantic setting. There is lunch in Valun after which follows an easy rowing session back to the town of Cres.

Price includes: lunch, kayak, equipment, waterproof bag for personal belongings, mask and snorkel. 40 € Route 5
Kayaking as the moonlight outlines the ripples on the sea offers an indelible experience. You are going to experience the bay and the town of Cres from a different perspective at night - time of trip: 8p.m.-10p.m.

Price includes: Kayak, equipment, waterproof bag for personal belongings, professional guide. 34 €

Rafting and kayaking on KORANA

An adventure that includes rafting on the river Korana in professional rafting boats across numerous wild rapids and rocky barriers where you can feel the rush of adrenaline and the excitement. Rafting exclusively takes place through the inaccessible part of the river Korana, which makes this trip even more extreme and an unforgettable adventure. The passage is organized across the hardest and fastest part of the river Korana, from Niksic to Blagaj, by covering the total length of 10km. You can encounter some old and abandoned mills along the way. In this section of the river there are over thirty waterfalls that which you cross in your rafting boat. This offers an indescribable feeling of wilderness and enables you to control some natural elements and at the same time letting go of the control and being ruled by nature.

Price includes: Transfer during the excursions, boat rental and equipment - neoprene suit, vests, helmets, boots, barrels and paddles, the guide - skipper, lunch, photographing whilst rafting and a CD with photos as a gift, personal insurance 34 €

Kajak safari na MREŽNICI

The beauty of the river Mreznica words no words can describe. The upper part is also the starting track of kayaking from Gornji Primisalj to the bridge in Tržić. In the stretch of only 5 km there are as much as 26 waterfalls, of which the most important the Milkovićev waterfall (8m) where we stop for unforgettable aquatic acrobatics that allow us the high cliffs for diving and natural water slide that water has been carving over many years in the heart of the cascade. Not only does Mreznica offer us a multitude of cascades, but there are also many river lakes ideal for swimming and relaxation. Our adventure ends in a breathtaking harbor after which Mreznica has a shallow and slow current. The clear and clean water, waterfalls, rapids and river lakes and lush vegetation provide an unforgettable adventure on the untamed river Mreznica. The primeval wildness and communion with nature – this is what makes kayak safari on the river Mreznica.

Price includes: Transfer during the excursions, boat rental and equipment - neoprene suit, vests, helmets, boots, barrels and paddles, the guide - skipper, lunch, photographing whilst rafting and a CD with photos as a gift, personal insurance. 34 €


Tramuntana – forest in the northern part of the island Cres which contributes to the uniqueness of the natural heritage. This part of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic is incomparable in its combination of the Mediterranean and continental plants; tall oaks, hornbeams and chestnuts. The oldest specimen of the Downey Oak, which can be found when entering the village of Sv Petar, was given a protected natural heritage title. from 276 €


There is a legend about the origin of the name of the town, in which a governor in the ancient times orders the girl Manda to bring some water from the well. He says: “Manda, honey, scoop up!( zagrabi)
And thus Zagreb and Mandusevac were created...

PLITVICE LAKES - The most prominent and visited of the eight national parks in Croatia. It represents a special hydro-geological phenomenon which is breathtaking. Plitvice is a forested mountain region where there are 16 smaller and bigger lakes of crystalline teal colour. The lakes collect water from numerous rivers and streams and are interconnected by cascades and waterfalls. Tuff barriers created 10 000 years ago is the distinctive feature of the Park. Locally known as Plitivce, the Park has become the unavoidable stop for the tourists who come to spend their holidays in Croatia, and it is very often one of the main reasons for coming to Croatia. Mother nature has played its role here in the most fabulous and beautiful way... from 422 €

Locations: Cres, river Korana, river Mrežnica

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