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MARY CRNKOVIĆ - Werbeck singing workshop

Singing makes us happier and more content. There are only two prerequisites for singing - having a voice and hearing. If you can talk and hear yourself and others, you can sing, despite what you or others may say! The voice is not just a material substance, made up of the throat, vocal cords, etc. it is much more our whole body is an instrument and the voice is a "medium" for capturing notesoften through singing and uncovering your voice, you also discover your true self.

Do you enjoy socialising, relaxing, working on yourself and your health? Come to the Werbeck singing workshop and discover how:


Mary about herself:
"Born in Australia, I had always wanted to pursue a career in music. After having completed my BA majoring in Music and French, I moved to Croatia in 1992 and began working in various corporate companies. Five years ago, I decided to go back to my first love, music, and began taking singing lessons as well as attending the choir of Prof. Baldo Mikulic. With his help, I learnt the Werbeck singing method and uncovered my voice. I also discovered myself and gained a lot of strength which helps me with my day to day challenges. I felt the need to share my newly found knowledge with other so that they could also uncover their voices and find their place in this world. Besides teaching singing, I sing in the band Druyd from Zagreb and play the ukulele."

A short description of the workshop:
  • 10 h – 12 h: an introduction to the Werbeck, exercises for breathing, vocal spreading, opening the mouth, pronunciation, for the tongue, forehead...
  • 12 h – 13 h: lunch break
  • 13 h – 15 h: vocal warmup with a few exercises and more choral singing

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