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Free climbing is a type of climbing whereby the climber overcomes a certain ascent through his own ability and strength, by using natural grips and setting up climbing protection. All equipment for the climber, except for the magnesium and the climbing shoes, serve specifically for the protection in the case of fall. Free climbing is a combination of top-level adrenaline pleasure, health, recreation, the enjoyment of nature, and an exceptional sense of fulfilment. The beauty of this sport is the total freedom. Except for the top of the cliff, the only restriction is the one in your head. No matter if you are doing sports as an active sportsperson or for recreation, just climb, break the fear, and learn something new about yourself. By climbing every day and lifting achievement levels, sports climbers join maximum adrenaline experience, psychological stability, activation of all muscles, and the beauty of the soft, gracious climbing.


Free climbing in LUBENICE

Free climbing is a combination of top-level adrenaline pleasure, health, recreation, the enjoyment of nature, and an exceptional sense of fulfilment. The beauty of this sport is that it envolves the feeling total freedom. The freedom which you can experience in Lubenice with the view on one of the most beautiful beaches. Lubenice is situated on the top of a steep cliff, at 360 metres above the sea level, from which there is an amazing view on the open sea and the neighbouring islands. There is an opportunity for freeclimbing on the beautiful cliffs with specially adapted climbing trails. Necessary equipment: adequate clothing, climbing shoes, water. The price includes climbing equipment – climbing harness, rope, carabiners, expert leader, instructions 32 €

The KALNIK Mountain

The highest peak is Vranilac (643 m). The mountain is approximately 40 km long, and it extends from east to the west. It is 10 km wide. It is widely forested by deciduous trees, whereas the characteristics of its central part are the barren cliffs – the target for a large number of mountaineers, climbers and holiday makers. Educational path – 7 teeth (7 zubi), Kalnicka greda, Vratno, stream Hruskovec. Kalnik is well attended by both local and foreign climbers. It has 150 routes divided into 7 sectors length of 4 to 22 meters, and two longer routes length of 85 and 150 meters. 60 €

Free climbing in PAKLENICA

Paklenica National Park is the most prominent climbing centre in Croatia, and it has an international reputation. Special charm to this climbing area gives its proximity to the sea, and thus the Paklenica Riviera is an ideal place for combining climbing activities with water sports. There are more than 360 adapted and equipped climbing paths which vary in difficulty, length and direction and this makes it attractive to different types of climbers. The climbing season in Paklenica starts in spring and lasts well into autumn. 60 €


Tramuntana – forest in the northern part of the island Cres which contributes to the uniqueness of the natural heritage. This part of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic is incomparable in its combination of the Mediterranean and continental plants; tall oaks, hornbeams and chestnuts. The oldest specimen of the Downey Oak, which can be found when entering the village of Sv Petar, was given a protected natural heritage title. from 276 €


There is a legend about the origin of the name of the town, in which a governor in the ancient times orders the girl Manda to bring some water from the well. He says: “Manda, honey, scoop up!( zagrabi)
And thus Zagreb and Mandusevac were created...

PLITVICE LAKES - The most prominent and visited of the eight national parks in Croatia. It represents a special hydro-geological phenomenon which is breathtaking. Plitvice is a forested mountain region where there are 16 smaller and bigger lakes of crystalline teal colour. The lakes collect water from numerous rivers and streams and are interconnected by cascades and waterfalls. Tuff barriers created 10 000 years ago is the distinctive feature of the Park. Locally known as Plitivce, the Park has become the unavoidable stop for the tourists who come to spend their holidays in Croatia, and it is very often one of the main reasons for coming to Croatia. Mother nature has played its role here in the most fabulous and beautiful way... from 422 €


Holiday on the fields of ZAGORJE, the hills and pastures that are intertwined with the experience of the old, slow way of life. It is nature-oriented, the contact with the animals which you care about and feed, and the cultivation of plants. from 270 €

Locations: Lubenice, Plitvice, Kalnik, Paklenica

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