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Paintball is one of the most exciting “extreme” sports in the world which is played by millions of men and women of all age group and styles. While you try to accomplish the task you, at the same time, try to eliminate the players from the opposite team by shooting them with paint balls from a paintball gun. In order to win, fast thinking, determination, and fast reactions are the necessary quailities for winning. The real trenches from World War II which add an atmosphere from the past present a real adrenaline explosion. To conquer the flag and the attack to the main base are only some of the sceneries by which the adrenaline will hit the skies.



Mission of conquering the central flag
The scenery from this mission is on a test track whose dimensions are 50m x 100m, and the flag is placed in its centre. The players come to the scenery from their respective basis situated on the sides of the test track. The aim of each team is to take the flag to the enemy’s base. The approximate time of the game are 10 minutes, after that the teams switch sides.

Mission of taking over the military base
This mission is played in the area with two hills in the forest and their surroundings. On one plateau is the military base (the trenches from World War II, sentinel tower, sentry box, bridges, command base ...). The aim of the first team is to defend the base, whereas the other has as its aim the takeover of the enemy base. The base is conquered when any one player form the opposite team enters the command base and takes over the flag. This scenery is very interesting as the opposing teams don’t have to be in the tower when they defend it, as they can be anywhere in the woods. The average time of play for this mission is 30 minutes depending on the tactics and the skills of the players. 20 €


There is a legend about the origin of the name of the town, in which a governor in the ancient times orders the girl Manda to bring some water from the well. He says: “Manda, honey, scoop up!( zagrabi)
And thus Zagreb and Mandusevac were created...

PLITVICE LAKES - The most prominent and visited of the eight national parks in Croatia. It represents a special hydro-geological phenomenon which is breathtaking. Plitvice is a forested mountain region where there are 16 smaller and bigger lakes of crystalline teal colour. The lakes collect water from numerous rivers and streams and are interconnected by cascades and waterfalls. Tuff barriers created 10 000 years ago is the distinctive feature of the Park. Locally known as Plitivce, the Park has become the unavoidable stop for the tourists who come to spend their holidays in Croatia, and it is very often one of the main reasons for coming to Croatia. Mother nature has played its role here in the most fabulous and beautiful way... from 422 €


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