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The olive tree, centuries - old plant species, is, because of its particularity, one of the most valuable fruit, and represents the main ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine. Experience the olive harvest, unite with nature in the ancient olive groves and learn about the olive oil production and processing. This activity is available in October, which is the peak harvest season.


Olive growing on the island of CRES

The presentation of olive oil extraction process and the production of and olive oil as well as its tasting in the oil mill in the town of Cres, which has a long history of olive processing. The visit consists of watching a film presentation in which the visitors learn about the tradition of olive oil production on the island, the different varieties and types of olives, ways of planting and harvesting, and the processing methods used in the past and today. After that, the visitors follow the different stages: from the visit of the oil refinery plant, the arrival of olives in the mill, washing and separation process, cold pressing and spinning, to the pouring of oil in tanks where one gets to know the procedure of oil bottling and labelling. This is followed by a presentation on the nutritional values of extra virgin olive oil and its tasting. The price of the ticket includes one glass of wine of the prestigious dry white wine vrbnička žlahtina. The visitors have the opportunity of buying olive oil after the presentation - duration 50 minutes. 4 €


Tramuntana – forest in the northern part of the island Cres which contributes to the uniqueness of the natural heritage. This part of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic is incomparable in its combination of the Mediterranean and continental plants; tall oaks, hornbeams and chestnuts. The oldest specimen of the Downey Oak, which can be found when entering the village of Sv Petar, was given a protected natural heritage title. from 276 €

Location: CRES - Ustrine

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