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One can start with riding at any age and it can be a lifelong form of recreation. Therapeutic horseback riding, apart from recreational and sports riding includes a pedagogical and medical component. Riding relaxes and dissolves built up stress, it is very beneficial for overall health, and raises the level of psychophysical capability. It makes one happier with oneself and one's body. Riding strenghthens the body muscles, the spine, joints and connective tissue. It enhances and balances the motoric functioning, coordination of movements and body agility. Thanks to riding, people can stay active despite their limitations of movement which were caused by an ilness or process of ageing, and in this way the feeling of social isolation and low self-esteem are reduced. In addition, emotional closeness and care for the horse, feeding, grooming, and care, as well as the inseparable part of recreational riding all represent a special pleasure. This activitiy can be included in your holidays in almost every location that we offer. There are no age group limitations and it is organized throughout the year.


BARBAN - programmes of riding in the nature

Vica`s cave
A wonderful tour which unites the ride through the countryside and visit to the cave. By riding through easily accessible terrain, we come to a plateau where we leave the horses and venture into the cave. The visit is followed by a picnic on the plateau, situated in front of the cave, a good rest and the return to the ranch. - length: 30 km / duration: 7 hours / min. 5 people 67 € FILIPANA
We ride through the ravine and a rocky part of the eastern side of Istria, visiting the typical Istrian dry wall rescue house kažun. This route is ideal for beginners. Lunch is served after one hour of riding and then followed by the return to the ranch using a different route. - length: 12 km / duration: 3 hours / min. 4 people 40 € STANCIJA NEGRIČANI
By heading to west on horseback, we visit an old estate which has preserved its Istrian qualities due to a lot of work and effort put into its restauration and maintenance. After unsaddling, we enjoy the true homemade cuisine prepared by the family Modrusan. - length: 32 km / duration: 6 hours / min. 6 people 80 € Ranch
We ride to the ranch which is situated in the middle of the forest and populated by tall people and small animals. Picnic in the area of untouched nature. - length: 18 km / duration: 4 hours / min. 4 people 40 € The river RAŠA
After riding to the east, we descend into the valley of the River Rasa where we continue in full gallop towards the estuary where the river flows into the sea – the bay of Blaz. Lunch is served in the village of Hrboki and then followed by the return to the ranch. - length: 18 km / duration: 4 hours / min. 5 people 80 € Ljubic's cave
While riding through the rough and rocky terrain, we get to the cave which is accessible only to horse riders or trekkers. In the cave we can notice the effects which left hundreds of years of natural flow of the underground water. It is something which shouldn’t be left out. Lunch is included in the trip. - length: 30 km / duration: 7 hours / min. 5 people 67 € One morning on the horseback
Horse riding at dawn is made for the dreamers and the romantics and we recommend you to experience it. The route leads through spectacular areas of green Istrian countryside. The smell of nature, the freshness of morning dew and sunrise create an unforgettable sense of union. As we head to the east, sunrise and the beginnings of a new day await us. - length: 17 km / duration: 4 hours / min. 2 people 40 € Piknic by the sea
We swim on horseback in the sea. At the same time we can take a boat and have a little sightseeing of the bay of Rasa, do some fishing, pick up asparagus or some medicinal herbs. - length: 30 km / duration: 7 hours / min. 5 people 80 €


ISTRIA - fascinating landscapes, medieval towns which surge in the foggy mornings as if by magic, views on the dormant valleys, intertwined with white footpaths, tales, fables, legends, a rich history and irresistalbe delicacies are all a guarantee of intense pleasure for all senses.
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