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Experience a small part of the turbulent history of Buzet, the unofficial capital of central Istria where the 19th century was marked by gatherings, song and dance, and the start of Subotina, a traditional fair and folk festival. In this amazing ambience you will encounter the sounds, tastes and scents, speech and music, aura and spirit of the 20th century and times gone by. Led by Inspirit guide Teo, you will overcome evil, fi nd treasure, free an imprisoned maiden, calm the angry Veli Jože. The old city of Buzet becomes a natural stage while the streets and squares revive old trades with food and wine tasting and souvenir shops. You will learn to bake bread the old-fashioned way, play the pljočke game, taste local specialties and rakija (eau de vie). You will dance to the accordion, bass and violin in true Buzet fashion, and listen to the stories of evil dwarves who banished the giants that had built Buzet and about the enamoured Napoleon who revealed the secret of champagne production to a Buzet beauty.

In an extraordinary surrounding you will experience sounds, flavours and fragrances, talk and music, sights and spirit of the 20th century and the past times. You will make your bread in the old-fashioned way, learn old dances accompanied by the sound of accordion, double bass and violin, play the game ‘pljočke’, or simply take a walk and discover the streets and squares, old workshops, tasting rooms, wine shops, souvenir shops.

Termins: 26th MAY, 7th JUL


ISTRIA - fascinating landscapes, medieval towns which surge in the foggy mornings as if by magic, views on the dormant valleys, intertwined with white footpaths, tales, fables, legends, a rich history and irresistalbe delicacies are all a guarantee of intense pleasure for all senses.
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Four days of Istria will stimulate all your senses. Choose a package and activities by your own preferences and create your unique holiday.
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Lokacija: Buzet

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