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Helena Ivana Andrea Hadzimana
Dear Alida,

Thanks for your wishes for the coming year. I am now well, I have no desire to return home! I am already in the Christmas mood!

Everything has been totally decorated (it is only November!). Some of the families have already put their tree up (which, by the way, I found totally weird, but great!). I hang out with the girls, we go shopping, be silly and go for coffee. I have friends who I go to the Croatian church with on Sundays and hang out with a bit, and each day something new happens. I am constantly busy with something and rarely think of home! I have to boast about my English test. It was very good and my English was ranked at the highest level, which is why I could take any course I wanted. I chose psychology. Also, an au pair from Croatia called Lana got in touch with me. She is arriving in mid-January, so now I can’t wait to meet her and to hear the news from Croatia.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday season and much happiness and success in the New Year!

All the best

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