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Helena Ivana Andrea Hadzimana
Arrival in America.


Here I am to drop a line about my first days here! I arrived at my host family’s on 10th September on Friday night. They were waiting for me at the airport holding a huge sign with my name, just as the counselors at the orientation in New York said they would.

Well, New York is an unforgettable city! Our stay in New York lasted about 3 days. We were in a very nice hotel. We were placed three in a room, depending on our hosts’ address, which gave us an opportunity to make friends straightaway.

There were more than 150 of us. By far, the majority were Germans and Austrians.

Me, Myself and I - I was the only one to defend the colors of our country! It was a great feeling to be in a room with so many different faces. Everyone is special and everyone carries a part of their culture and distinctive features.

It’s so cosmopolitan. All those young Israelis, Germans, Italians, South Africans, Britons, Canadians, French, Russians, Argentines, Brazilians, Chileans, (and Croats) bring a huge concentration of enthusiasm, energy and brains.

Orientation began at 8:30 am each day. We learnt countless interesting and necessary pieces of information about the culture of Americans, about what is allowed and what is not, the experiences of other girls and a lot of other stuff!

The greatest experience was visiting New York. It cannot be described in words (the trip is optional and costs $55). The tour is organized perfectly and takes some 5-6 hours. It starts at 17:30 in the afternoon, so you can see the city by day and at night. They took us to all the important places in the city - something I will surely never forget.

Carrie and the crew of “Sex and the City” does not nearly conjure up the feeling! I’d definitely recommend it!

And then the big day of departing to our hosts arrived, when all the nervousness that gripped us looked like becoming comic!

I’ve been a week with my family now and am slowly adapting to their way of life. It is so different from home. I am happy and I think there’s a great year ahead of me. My family is just what they said they would be – that’s why you should ask everything and discuss your daily routine and their habits. This is something your year depends on. So ask, ask and ask everything! And, just to boast a little - I was at an Erykah Badu concert!

Well – I’m looking forward to the coming year!

Huuuuuge greetings from wonderful America (which is completely different from the movies!)


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