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What is an Au Pair?

Au Pair is an educational-cultural program, a combination of work, studying and traveling. Au Pair derives from a French phrase that means "equal to". In this context, it means a person who lives with a host family, helping them with childcare and light household chores and in return, the au pair gets a weekly allowance, accommodation (own room) and food, and is accepted as an equal member of the family.

What is the allowance?

  • United States: $200-250 per week
  • Germany, France: 60-70 euros per week

Who can be an au pair?

Au pairs can be girls, and sometimes boys, aged between 18 and 27 years old (depending on the country), with a knowledge of the language of the country in which they want to be an au pair.

How do you become an au pair?

Candidates register for the program after contacting the agency and upon receiving all the instructions. They provide the requisite documentation and attend an interview.

What documentation do I need?

A biography in the form of a letter "Dear Family", recommendations, photos, medical form, police report.
Detailed information is given in the agency.

How do I get in touch with a host family?

The Agency will, in collaboration with their partners, select an appropriate host family or a host family will express an interest in a particular candidate, and they will get in touch with each other via e-mail and telephone.

What if I disagree with the host family?

If there are justifiable reasons, the au pair (and the family) has the right to a replacement.

Who can I turn to in case of problems?

Each au pair will have an advisor who will discuss possible problems and, if necessary, suggest a replacement. We are also here to assist.

How long can I stay in the country as an au pair?

12 months in Europe and up to 24 months in the USA.

How do I get a visa?

A visa is obtained on the basis of the host family's invitation letter and a contract provided by the agency.
Each au pair must apply and attend an interview personally at a consular office.

Who bears the travel and school expenses?

In Europe, the au pair bears the travel and school expenses, while in America, travel costs and school are covered by the host family.

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